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Descender Petzl STOP

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Descender Petzl STOP

Petzl's STOP is a self-braking descender for single rope.
One of the most popular devices for cave descents worldwide. Offers exceptional control and versatility, while the self-braking function facilitates on-rope maneuvers.
Device can be rapidly installed or removed from the rope without disconnecting it from the harness
May also be used to ascend short distances with the addition of an ascender and foot loop

- For use with single ropes between 9 and 12 mm in diameter
- Materials: steel and aluminum wheels
- Weight: 326 g
- Specifications:E EN 341 class A


  • 0.33 kg
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  • новый
Colour Black, черный
EAN 3342540014749

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Descender Petzl STOP
Descender Petzl STOP
99,99 EUR